Our Process

We begin the recruitment process by identifying the values that matter most to our clients. From here we design tasks and challenges to find people suited to the role and workplace.


This is supported with targeted advertising material and recruitment days to attract good quality candidates. Following the successful screening and selection of candidates, we implement a personalised induction package to ensure a seamless transition into the company.


We also provide human resources support around retaining and motivating staff members to help build a high performing team.   


Halcyon also offers the following services:


Behavioural Interviewing

We facilitate behavioural interviewing to help streamline the interview process and hand pick the best candidates for the job.


Psychometric Profiling

We use psychometric profiling to ascertain candidate suitability from a behavioural perspective. This system can also highlight development opportunities for the successful candidate.


Behavioural Profiling

Our behavioural assessment helps clients clearly define the success criteria for their candidates. Using our pre-employment testing, we help select people most likely to succeed in the role.